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Quénard Jean-François

Our family estate has 17 hectares of vines spread over Chignin (80%) and St Jean de la Porte (20%). The soils are mainly : Clay-limestone, chalky scree and Moraine.

The grape varieties are autochthonous to Savoie, i.e. Mondeuse, Persan, Roussette (Altesse), Bergeron (Roussanne) and Jacquère. Gamay and Pinot Noir are also part of our vineyard but in smaller quantities.

The majority of our vines are on slopes, some of them up to 45%. As a result, everything has to be done by hand.

To respect the grapes, the harvest is done by hand.

We are now an organic estate. The organic label will be applied to the red grape varieties from the 2021 vintage. From 2020 onwards, the white grape varieties will follow the same path.

The philosophy
There is a spiritual dimension to growing vines. We learn humility. We have to be grateful to nature because we are dependent on it. We have to play with the different elements - the soil, the vine and the climate - to achieve better results.

We are simply passing through time but the terroir is passed on from generation to generation.

Each parcel is vinified separately in order to get all the benefits of a well respected terroir with reasoned cultivation methods and innovative vinification.

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